Thinking about it everyday
7th of august twenty-eleven
After a heavy day, felt so relieved
Cheerfully the party went all night
Thinking about it, knew I couldn’t hold it
Friends around and so much to drink
5a.m the call came in
The conversation bore deep into my heart
Glide into the unknown, was torn apart
Not a day goes by without thinking of you
I keep asking why, all I do is a little sigh
When it goes too deep, I let a little cry
Finding it hard to believe you will never return
Two years now my paper heart still torn
None to hold an argument with
None to say “sorry” just to watch my smile
Forgot to tell you how much I love you
Never thought there would be a day without you
So hard living with the fact
That you are gone and will never be back
How do I get you to read this piece
Never will forget you, in my heart you still live.


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