For You

Came upon a sunny day
Seeing a glint on my way
Briskly I walked to her
With a warm smile I remember
By her side I asked if I can be
Responded not but in a glee
Spoke words so soft and intense
Left a doubt deep in my sense
Of perfect being I’d always prayed
That one day will come my way
How pleasant to gaze on a brow like hers
So cheerful, the light of her beaming eyes
With hardly a trace of care.
As she seat on her easy chair
Moves with a vigor of beauty
That no one will say but “pretty”.
Pains I want to share,
Pride I love to bare,
That ears that listen
To every word I made in silence.
Beauty that goes deep within
Whispering into my mind with breathing
She’s the one I want to call a friend,
Strew care and will not pretend
About you there is a lot to say
And here I’d love to stay.


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