The Thought of You

Staring still at the sky
Stood erected like a tree
Of great features beyond words.
In that peach and crimson attire
Blends with the creamy of her skin
That silky hair of yours,
So dark as the night
Styled in a way to crown your head
With a scarlet scarf to fit the crown.
The dazzling from your eyes,
Set a light that illuminate my soul
You got me lost with your beauty
I don’t want to be found.
You spoke words so real and true
It made a chime right within me.
Gazing at the terrace of your hips,
I’m falling and I feel so cheap.
Like the almond the taste of your lips,
Crave so hard to be ignited with mine.
Give me your hands to hold you close,
Give me your hands and please be mine.


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