Quiet Sermon

In harmony the organ roll
Of sweet hymnal it roar
In snow white regalia the priests align
Behind the cross forms the choir line

Gathered we all like saints from birth
Singing along the hymnal from our heart
Covered we all in colourful attire
Yet within lies our vain desire

Softly the preacher speaks
That closely the time ticks
In deep sleep we’re faraway
Our heart so far has gone astray

Closed we our eyes to pray to God
Held I my pen to write this word
Keep me awake I wish and pray
From quite sermon I heard this day.


7 thoughts on “Quiet Sermon

  1. Never read a smoother, crispier yet thicker lines b4. Sheer talent! Even d Shakespeares and Chimamandas of ds world wud v bn very proud of dis.

  2. We are all victims ..very well said in the most concise way…i like the feel of harmony that comes with the writeup..

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