Eye of A god

The eye of a god
Beaming its light at my soul
Shining through the doors
Setting my heart on a roll
Revolving only at her call
And my obsession solely
The inspiration and my fall
Muse behind my poetry
She’s the lyrics in my music
Sun that breaks the storm
Trick behind my magic
To her, my heart belongs.
Her voice chimes like Vatican Bells
Moves with confidence and regal
Charmed by her beauty spell
And flaunt the strength of an eagle
In her eyes I see love
So pure, real and true
For her I’m a knave
For her love is tranquil like the dew
And captures the whole of me.
The eye of a god
Shines and smittens me
Capable of putting me at odds
Ours is a boundless love
Just the beginning but endless.


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